Mr H

Andrew Robert Harris (born 28th November 1958 in Builth Wells Mid Wales) known by the stage name Mr H is a Welsh Singer Songwriter and Producer. 

Harris used to perform under the stage name Harry Harris but due to a clash of performer names at a festival in his home town and the promotor introducing him as Mr H he opted to stick with the name to avoid future confusion. 

He is best known for his work with Nik Turner (Hawkwind) and his recording sessions with John David (Rockfield Studios,Berryhill Studios,Dave Edmunds,Mark Knofler,Status Quo). 

Harris is continually working and performs regularly.Past performances have included The Green Man Festival,The Acoustic Festival of Britain,Brecon Jazz Festival,Aber Jazz Festival,Tenby Blues Festival and How The Light Gets In Festival amongst many others.

Early Years 

Harris grew up in the small Mid Wales Village of Beulah,he cites Tom Waits,John Lee Hooker,John Coltrane,David Bowie,The Rolling Stones,Public Image Limited and 70’s pop as his main influences and Tom Waits as his Musical Hero.His early performances were at local Welsh Eisteddfods where he won many poetry and singing competitions.He had piano lessons at the age of 5,obtained his first guitar at the age of 11 and began writing songs at the age of 12 composing his first recorded works at the age of 14 a song called Sadie which he recorded at Modello StudiosHerefordshire production was by Les Penny (Echo and The Bunnymen Flautist) and released on Broken Records when he was 21. 

He has often been described as a Pioneer of the singer songwriter in Mid Wales,and quoted “when I was a youngster there was no one in my area writing their own tunes,but I just could not perform covers,just didn’t work for me,I wanted to express myself,not some other persons feelings”. 

His first release “Sadie” a Jazz tinged pop song received national radio play in his home country and its success won him many admirers and a management contract with John Morgan (Steve Harley & Cockney RebelTour Manager) 

His second release “It’s a dirty world” a reggae influenced pop song was released on Loco Records in 1983 but did not receive the recognition of his first single and after 12 months Loco freed him from his contract. 

Harris spent time in London performing solo and acoustic with performances at some of London best 70's & 80’s venues (Fulham Golden Lion,Fulham Greyhound,12 bar Club) to name but a few.In between his London performances he travelled,mainly hitch hiking around European countries.

 1990 - 2008

In the Nineties Harris became disillusioned with performimg and hid away from the industry regularly writing,recording and releasing songs in his Native Wales such as “Try and Cry”,Baby Don’t Cry” and his music was played regularly on Welsh Radio Stations. 

2008 - Present - The Mr H Years

Having got his mojo back,2008 saw the release of the critically acclaimed album “Yesterday was a lonely place but I’m lonelier today”.Recorded at Berryhill Studios Gloucestershire and released on Barium Villa Records.R2 Magazine wrote “A  soaring voice with individual catchy tunes”.BBC Radio DJ’s Frank Hennessy and Genevieve Tudor provided ample Radio play. 

In 2010 “Wasted and Alone” was recorded and released this was an album of wordy jazz/blues heavily influenced by Tom Waits and a tour supporting Jerry Donahue followed.Blues Matters wrote “The songs have depth and have been lived in for a while,highly recommended great album”. 

Pale Rider known as the Stick man Album released in 2012 and produced by legendary producer John David was voted as Mr H’s best work to date,the song “Marianne” written about Marianne Faithfull captured the imagination of radio listeners.Maverick Magazine gave this a 5 star review and wrote Pale Rider is a wonderful little Gem for those who enjoy Jazz,Blues,Folk and Roots with a quirky twist.

After a chance meeting at Brecon Jazz Festival in 2014 where Mr H and Nik Turner (Hawkwind) performed an impromptu improvised Jazz session both got together for the “Poets,Balladeers and Cheats” album described by the Express as “Going all Sting,Waits and Bukowski on us,its practically subterranean with the rat monkeys”. 

Heart & Soul followed Poets Balladeers and Cheats a piano driven album of broken blues which demonstrates an isolated figure which Mr H had become. 

2020 sees the release of his Alternative Country/Folk Rock Album with a guest performance from his daughter Layla.


Harry Harris

Sadie (single) – 1981 Broken Records 

It’s a Dirty World (single) – 1983 Loco Records 

Try and Cry (single) – 1995 Self Release 

Baby Don’t Cry (single)  1996 Self Release 

Mr H

Yesterday was a lonely place but I’m Lonelier today (Album) 2008 Barium Villa Records

Wasted and Alone (Album) 2010 Barium Villa Records

Pale Rider (Album) 2012 Barium Villa Records 

Bourbon Street Blues (EP) 2013 Barium Villa Records 

Poets Balladeers and Cheats (Album) 2014 Barium Villa Records

Heart and Soul (Album) 2016 Barium Villa Records

The Wasted and Alone Years (Compilation Album) 2018 Barium Villa Records 

Song For The Broken Souls (Compilation Album) 2019 Barium Villa Records

Its Never Too Late (Album) 2020 Barium Villa Records